12 X Handmadespecial Marbles

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Introducing: 12 X Handmadespecial Marbles

Featuring : Each set includes 1 x Eyeball, 1 x measles and 1 x Earth marble and Plus nine other assorted hand made marbles, no two sets the same, this item is produced by Toypost. 12 X Handmadespecial Marbles is now ready to you to order at the paddling pool store at this great price.

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Manufacturer Description

PRODUCT NOTES: Sizes, Glass, Colours: Among a batch of marbles, some can be 8-12% smaller, others larger in diameter. Most marbles are molded using opaque glass (cannot be seen through) and frequently have surface indentations on their surface (known as 'smiles'). This is an inevitable side effect of the manufacturing process. Colours may also vary, marble making is not an exact science. Our Marble images intend to give you an impression of the product, it is difficult to match internet images to the 'real thing'. Images of Toypost marble assortments represent the selection at the time the image was taken, you will not receive exactly the same assortment due to stock variations.