15 Clays Marbles - Mouchete - Clay Marble 16 Mm

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Introducing: 15 Clays Marbles - Mouchete - Clay Marble 16 Mm

Featuring : French manufacture. and Ideal for play in the playground or for play after school., this item is made to a high standard by Various. 15 Clays Marbles - Mouchete - Clay Marble 16 Mm is now offered to shoppers to buy here at this great price.

Buy this fine item by Various today and get fast, efficient shipping straight to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

15 Clays Marbles - MOUCHETE - Clay Marble 16 mm. Possible variation of 3 mm on the diameter of the marbles. Handcrafted ! ATTENTION, these marbles are made and painted by hand, so they have imperfections and they are not guaranteed completely round, their designs have irregularities and their diameter is variable. If you are looking very homogeneous marbles, smooth, perfectly spherical, we recommend you not to choose this model. We propose to choose the marbles industrial manufacturing and non-traditional methods. So if you are looking marbles uniform, smooth and perfectly spherical balls ... these are not for you ! However, if you want to share your childhood memories for your children and grandchildren : they are the perfect marble !