18 Solar Pool Cover

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Introducing: 18 Solar Pool Cover

Made by Bestway, a long established company, this product is currently amazing value for money. 18 Solar Pool Cover is now ready to our customers to buy on this site at this low price.

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Manufacturer Description

Helps to keep your pool water warmer by allowing the sun's rays through! Also helps to minimize debris falling into the pool. The cover floats on top of the water to provide heat insulation. - Easy to use. - Available in many sizes to suit your specific pool. - Economical. - May need trimming with sharp scissors as manufacturer's pool sizes can vary. Available sizes:- 210cm diameter- for 8' inflatable pools. 250cm diameter- for 10' inflatable and 8' metal frame pools. 300cm diameter- for 12' inflatable and 10' metal frame pools. 381cm diameter- for 15' inflatable and 12' metal frame pools. 440cm diameter- for 15' metal frame pools. 455cm diameter- for 18' inflatable pools. 521cm diameter- for 18' metal frame pools. 24ft diameter- for 24ft metal frame pools. For Oval Pools- 10'x16'; 12'x18'; 12'x20'; 12'x22'; 12'x24'; 12'x28'; 12'x32'; 16'x28'. For Rectangular Pools- 118"x79"; 157"x83"; 159"x79"; 162"x79"; 9'x18'; 12'x24'; 16'x32'. For Wooden Pools- 4m; 5m; 6m; 4m x 5.9m; 4m x 6.9m; 4.6m x 8.2m.