2 Large Marbles - Marble Black Speedy - Marble 35 Mm

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Introducing: 2 Large Marbles - Marble Black Speedy - Marble 35 Mm

Featuring : There may be a difference of 2 millimeters to the size of marbles. and Prohibits children under 36 months., this item is available now from Various. The 2 Large Marbles - Marble Black Speedy - Marble 35 Mm is now on offer to our visitors to order on-line at this great price.

Order this great product by Various right away and benefit from prompt, reliable delivery directly to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

Handcrafted ! ATTENTION, these marbles are made and painted by hand, so they have imperfections and they are not guaranteed completely round, their designs have irregularities and their diameter is variable. If you are looking very homogeneous marbles, smooth, perfectly spherical, we recommend you not to choose this model. We propose to choose the marbles industrial manufacturing and non-traditional methods. So if you are looking marbles uniform, smooth and perfectly spherical balls ... these are not for you ! However, this marbles are very popular for kids : This marbles are all different and their imperfections make them clearly very attractive to children !