2000mah Upgrade Battery For Parrot Ar Drone 20

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Introducing: 2000mah Upgrade Battery For Parrot Ar Drone 20

Featuring : Double your existing flight time - Standard battery is only 1000mAh and Uses standard Parrot Charger, this item is available now from AVT Technologies. The 2000mah Upgrade Battery For Parrot Ar Drone 20 is now available to shoppers to purchase on this site at our great price.

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Manufacturer Description

Increase your flying time with the largest capacity upgrade battery available for the parrot AR Drone 2. The original flying time for the standard Parrot AR Drone battery is around 10 minutes on the original 1000mAh battery, which you can now extend to around double that by using our 2000mAh big capacity Parrot AR DRONE 2.0 upgrade battery. No modifications are required to fit this battery into your AR Drone 2. This battery can be charged from your existing original Parrot charger. Size: 72mm X36mm X27mm - Weight: 130 g - Voltage: 11.1V actual - Discharge Current: 20C continuous discharge