20pcs Deluxe Watch Opener Tool Kit Repair Kit Pin Remover

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Introducing: 20pcs Deluxe Watch Opener Tool Kit Repair Kit Pin Remover

Manufactured by M&S, a popular company, this product is currently great value for money. The 20pcs Deluxe Watch Opener Tool Kit Repair Kit Pin Remover is now on offer to our customers to purchase at the paddling pool shop at this competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description


Have you ever struggled to open up a watch and replace a battery? Have you found it almost impossible to remove links in a metal band so you can wear your watch more comfortably?

This incredibly useful 20 Piece Watch Repair Kit can help you. Use the specially designed knife to prise open watch backs. Handle batteries with the fine-nosed tweezers. And use one of the professional screwdrivers to remove watch backs or internal screws. Everything you need for basic watch opening, battery replacement and repairs is included. There are also tools such as a slotted plastic base and strap holder block. These make the job of shortening or increasing the length of metal wristbands so much easier. You'll never have to visit a jeweler again to perform basic maintenance and repairs on your watch.

Package Content

1 x watchband link pin remover
1 x watch case opener
1 x watch case holder
1 x Adjustable Screw-on Watch Back Case Opener Wrench
1 x watch hand remover
1 x watchband holder
1 x polishing cloth
3 Link pin removers with 2 extra pins
3 Slotted screwdrivers with 3 extra blades
1 x Phillips head screwdriver
1 x pair of tweezers
1 x dual head hammer
1 x spring bar remover with 2 extra tips
1 x mini spring bar remover
1 x pair of chain nose pliers with side cutters
1 x eye loupe
1 x plastic case for store small pins

Note: Please use the right way to operate.
Remember not to force too much , avoid injury the watch.