6mm Zip Wire Aerial Runway Package With Seat


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Introducing: 6mm Zip Wire Aerial Runway Package With Seat

With notable features - 6mm steel ride suitable for all weights including adults! and *Everything you need for a tree to tree installation upto 23m appart. (Requires a used tyre), this item is made by Aerial-Runway. 6mm Zip Wire Aerial Runway Package With Seat is now on offer to PaddlingPools.org.uk customers to purchase from the paddling pools shop at this great price.

Choose this great product by Aerial-Runway right away and get prompt, efficient shipping direct to your door.

Manufacturer Description

Trolley - The 6mm zip wire trolley has a counterbalance brake release stopping the trolley from moving until the user gets onto the ride. It is full enclosed preventing hair or finger entrapment - a requirement to meet European Safety regulations for use by Children ( be wary of light weight mountaineering equipment designed to be as light as possible and fit inside a pocket of a rucksack for use by adults only that fails the basic European Safety standard to be used by children) Pendulum Seat - Attaches to trolley suitable for all ages, as younger/unfit users find the handle bar style rides to difficult to hold on the duration of the ride. (Thick chain not rope, and a steel plate covered in rubber to take any weight, not a hollow plastic seat designed for kids only). 40m Steel Cable - 6mm thick 133 stranded wire rope, not to be confused with the 3mm cable used for under 10s - 6mm will take up to adult weight to a maximum of 40m (before requiring 10mm)! Jaw to Jaw Tensioner - Uses a straddle strap to warp around the tree but will only take up 30cm / 12 inches of slack (only suitable for post installation adjustment during the regular equipment inspections). 3m Compression Spring Brake Hardware - As required by European Safety Standards for Children the user must be slowed down before stopping, the 3m spring does this as it compresses - Stops being thrown of the ride at the end. (It can be clamped anywhere along the cable you want so you could stop the ride before any obstacle that may be in the way). Be Safe Not Sorry - Always buy equipment designed for Zip Wire use, and know the limitations of the equipment. Don't buy a trolley that allows finger access to the wheels - a no brainer when you think about it. Hollow plastic seats are fine for light users only, however if you want an adult to use the equipment you'll want equipment strong enough.