7ft X 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline With Enclosure


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Introducing: 7ft X 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline With Enclosure

With notable features - A high ratio of springs at 68 which ensures that the bounce is vibrant and exciting and Very thick protective surround pads which prevent the user from coming into contact with the springs or frame, this item is made by Garden Games. 7ft X 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline With Enclosure is now on offer to our customers to buy on-line at this low price.

Buy this great item by Garden Games in minutes and receive fast, reliable delivery direct to your home.

Manufacturer Description

Skyhigh have a longstanding reputation of offering exciting, safe and durable trampolines for over 15 years.

Our 7ft x 10ft Skyhigh Rectangular Trampoline offers a responsive bounce which doesn't pull the user into the centre of the mat as round trampolines are prone to doing.

The straight sides of the frame cause the momentum from the springs points in different directions which means they will stretch to different extents depending on where you bounce on the mat.

This is a similar principle used in Olympic acrobatic gymnastics trampolines and means that your child can cover the entire mat during playtime. There are 68 180mm springs which attach to the mat

This ensures a great expressive bounce which you can easily control the height and landing of your bounce as well as a very strong frame

The enclosure features 8 straight poles which pulls the net tight at the top which then clips on underneath the inside of the pads. The safety pads are 20mm (0.78 inches) thick and 36cm (14 inches wide) to absorb impact and offer the best coverage.

The frame of the trampoline is made from 50.8mm x 2mm galvanised steel and further supported by four support bars on the legs. This ensures the strongest possible structure which can support up to 114kg (18 stone).

This strength is further enhanced by the high quality PP bounce mat which has 8 rows of stitching for added security.

The enclosure poles and safety pads are covered all over in thick green UV resistant PVC. Trampolines that have bare foam enclosure poles become an eyesore where the foam disintegrates around the poles. The PVC covering on this trampoline ensures it will stay looking great and prevent contact with the metal enclosure pole. The shade of green will also blend beautifully into your garden.

10 years manufacturer's warranty on the frame with a year on other components.