A023 5125cm Blue Pastel Bucket Spade And Rake Set

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Introducing: A023 5125cm Blue Pastel Bucket Spade And Rake Set

Made by TLP, the long established company, this item is currently great value for money. A023 5125cm Blue Pastel Bucket Spade And Rake Set is on offer to you to buy at the paddling pool shop at our excellent price.

Purchase this product by TLP today and get prompt, dependable delivery directly to your home.

Manufacturer Description

Our beach wear items are always popular. We have probably the biggest selection of buckets and spades available from one place in the world. Nobody offers as much choice of colour and design as we do at on a jet plane. You can select from buckets and spades designed for toddlers right away up to teenagers and even adults. NOTE ALL SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE. ALSO NOTE if our listings says Colours vary in the title you cannot select the colour.

We have an enormous range of colours including solid colours, neon and marble. We have spades that are made of plastic as well is some that are made of plastic and wood from sustainable forests.

Our buckets and spades are made in a variety of countries that the vast majority are made here in the United Kingdom.

We try to offer our customers a choice of colour aware their first choice of colour is not available we reserve the right to send the correct product but in a different colour.

From time to time we change supplier and manufacturer and therefore designs may vary slightly from time to time.

Please visit our shop to see the vast range of beach items that we sell. We are also offering a range of inflatable boats and swimming aids as well as wetsuits and other items that you can enjoy and use on your holidays.

Why pay overinflated prices when you reach your holiday destination when you can purchase these items now from the UK and have them delivered directly to your home.

Please note that as the summer season progresses many of these items become unavailable and the choice becomes more limited.

Most items in the UK are shipped with no postage charges. We are unable to offer combined postage discounts on beach items as the postage has already been set too low price and there is no saving merging the orders together.