Air Zooka Blue

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Introducing: Air Zooka Blue

Featuring : Shoots up to 20 feet and The opportunity to get your own back and annoy the whole office or the kids, this item is made by Air Zooka. Air Zooka Blue is now available to you to buy on this site at our competitive price.

Select this fine product by Air Zooka today and get quick, reliable delivery direct to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

You've heard of a bazooka. You've heard of air. Put the two together and what have you got? That's right. The Air Zooka, capable of delivering a highly targeted, omni-directional blast of air across an entire room. The Airzooka is a wind tunnel in miniature, trapping air in its conical rear quadrant and firing it forward with elastic speed for maximum disruption. And quite a few ruffled feathers. Working solely on your command - it's gripped by your hand, after all - nothing can enter the airflow without being caught in its spiralling vortex. Nothing in its path can escape the immediate sensation of being in a dense but very short-lived Force 8 gale. Designed to dislodge toupees and comb-overs in one fell swoop, this dastardly contraption has but one purpose. To irritate, befuddle and discombobulate. There's a world of potential in your office: neatly stacked papers, carefully arranged hair-dos, perfectly aligned ties. All waiting to be dislodged and dislocated. In fact, a woman rang us to say she heard there was a hurricane on the way. Oh yes. So go forth and let the wild wind break.