Ampel 24 Wooden Curved Arc Hammock Stand Mauritius 310cm

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Introducing: Ampel 24 Wooden Curved Arc Hammock Stand Mauritius 310cm

Featuring : Construction: many layers of hard Siberian larch wood processed to elegantly twisted compact beams and Weight: 26 kg, load: up to 200 kg, easy to mount, this item is made to a high standard by Ampel24. The Ampel 24 Wooden Curved Arc Hammock Stand Mauritius 310cm is now on offer to our visitors to purchase from the paddling pools shop at this competitive price.

Get this fine product from Ampel24 in minutes and receive prompt, efficient delivery direct to your door.

Manufacturer Description

Depends on your choice:
Dimensions: approximately 450 cm x 120 cm x 155 cm.
Wood type: Siberian larch.
Material: Layered composite wood, impregnated; pre-treated.
Distance between the feet: 110 cm.
Maximum weight supported: 200 kg.
Total length: up to 450 cm.
Suitable for hammocks of lengths: 280 cm-420 cm (loop to loop).
Number of packages: 1-2.

Contents in the box include:
Hammock stand, mounting material, chains and carabineer hook, instructions (English language cannot be guaranteed).

Care instructions: please treat the wood with an appropriate wood preservation on a regular basis.


High quality and processing. Multi-layered composite wood that is very weather-resistant due to immersion impregnation and galvanized fittings ensure years of pleasure on our hammock stand.

Many layers of hard Siberian larch wood are processed into elegantly curved massive beams. With a chain suspension, the frame is adjustable so that it can be used for the most common hammock (approximate length 280-420 cm).