Aoneky 65 Ft Climbing Rope Ladder - High Quality

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Introducing: Aoneky 65 Ft Climbing Rope Ladder - High Quality

With notable features - High quality rope ladder for adult and 5 ft from rung 1 to rung 6, 16.5 inches wide, the 7076WT7756 is made to a high standard by Aoneky. Aoneky 65 Ft Climbing Rope Ladder - High Quality is ready to shoppers to purchase on this site at our great price.

Choose this 7076WT7756 from Aoneky right now to receive quick, dependable shipping direct to your door.

Manufacturer Description

Aoneky 6.5 ft Climbing Rope Ladder - High Quality

Aoneky ladder is a high quality ladder, it is made of nylon rope and heavy-duty wood, it is
very safe and strong rope ladder for adult, it is also good climbing toy for kids to play with it
in garden or indoor. The rope and traditional rope ladder is ideal to help youngsters develop
their balance and climbing skills. Your children will enjoy climbing up this modern classic.

Brand: Aoneky
Material: Nylon Rope, Wood Rung
Length: 6.5 feet
Width: 16.5 inches
Weight: 4.16 pounds

Package List
1 x Rope Ladder