Battleship Live

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Introducing: Battleship Live

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Manufacturer Description

Among the electronic battleship gameâ€TMs main features is a motion-sensing command tower, which detects when pieces are moved, knows every ships coordinates, talks to players and guides them through the game. Once both players have placed their fleets on the board, they take turns to pick one of four options: fire, move, spy plane and special power. When issuing one of the commands, players have to place both hands on touch sensitive squares. Itâ€TMs as if theyâ€TMre pressing the big red button in a real-life submarine and launching a genuine torpedo attack, further enhancing the realism of the electronic battleship board game. Picking the ‘fireâ€TM option allows players to launch an enemy attack and ‘spy planeâ€TM enables them to push the plastic plane around its track to spy on the opponentâ€TMs coordinates. Thanks to the battleship board gameâ€TMs new move function, players can also move one square away from their coordinates when itâ€TMs their turn, making it much more tactical and strategic than the static game of old. One of the finest features of the electronic battleship game is the ‘special powerâ€TM option, which allows players to launch air attacks, fire missiles and even sweep for mines so that they donâ€TMt inadvertently blow themselves up when theyâ€TMre shifting squares. To make the battleships electronic game even more exciting, players occasionally have to contend with fog, low ammo alerts and other unexpected, game changing events. It all adds up to an epic strategy board game thatâ€TMs as big on thrills as it is on fun! Battleship Live Game specifications: 1 x Game board 1 x Electronic tower 2 x Divider screens 2 x Cannons 2 x Command pegs 1 x Spy plane with track 10 x Ships Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) Adult assembly required Suitable for players aged 8+ years