Berg Weather Cover Basic 240 8 Foot

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Introducing: Berg Weather Cover Basic 240 8 Foot

Available now from Bergtoys, the long established company, this item is now good value for money. Berg Weather Cover Basic 240 8 Foot is now on offer to everyone to order online at this competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

The BERG Weather Cover Basic 240 (8 ft) is for 8ft trampoline.This basic cover will keep the jumping mat and the protective edge clean. It is made of high-quality material. Because the edges of the trampoline are higher, due to the padding, there will remain water on the cover when it rains. And when it rains heavily, this will become a puddle. This means weight and the jump mat will sag a bit. When it continues to rain, this will be a problem, the trampoline (with cover) will become a 'water bag', a water collection bin and the jumpmat will sag heavily. This is not desired. The holes in the cover should prevent this problem and will allow drainage. This to prevent that when even the trampoline is not placed equally horizontally, also can be guaranteed that no water is collected. The trampoline is not included.