Bodum Fyrkat Black Cone Charcoal Grill Bbq

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Introducing: Bodum Fyrkat Black Cone Charcoal Grill Bbq

Featuring : Two grilling levels and Adjustable airflow regulator, this item is made to a high standard by BODUM. Bodum Fyrkat Black Cone Charcoal Grill Bbq is available to customers to buy at at this competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

Bodum Fyrkat Cone BBQ Black. In addition to its striking cone-shaped design the new Bodum Frycat barbeque has many distinctive features. You can choose to either grill, bake or spit-roast. With two grilling levels - the lower one ideal for chargrilling meat, the higher level is ideal for vegetables or fish.. Not only does the bottom end of the cone catch all the ashes perfectly, it's also an adjustable airflow regulator. The Frykat BBQ is compact, stable and its hook holds threegrilling tools. Its body is made from enamel coated steel, the two grills are stainless steel and the handles are all made from heat-resistant silicone.