Bubabloon Signature Print Balloon Ball Toy

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Introducing: Bubabloon Signature Print Balloon Ball Toy

With notable features - Washable and reusable - works with any standard balloon and 3 are included for instant play and Light, floaty and bouncy, loads of fun but no chance of injury or damage, this item is made by BUBABLOON. Bubabloon Signature Print Balloon Ball Toy is now available to you to purchase on-line at our low price.

Order this great product from BUBABLOON right now and benefit from quick, efficient shipping directly to your door.

Manufacturer Description

We've developed our own beautiful BubaBloon print fabric, featuring purple, blue, green, orange, pink and yellow - you're sure to find your favourite shade.

This is perfect for any kid who loves to play and discover. BubaBloon is an easy-to-use non-tech toy suitable for any age. It makes an ideal gift that can be used anywhere!

Made from poplin cotton / Fully washable / Can be used with any standard 12" balloon / Safety tested and EN71 compliant / CE marked / Kid and grown-up approved

BubaBloon for kids of all ages

4-11 Months: Try BubaBloon with a partially inflated balloon so it's easier for little ones to grab and hold. It's a brilliant touchy-feely sensation, visually stimulating and washable to remove any dribbles

8-20 Months: Can be used as a prop to help baby sit up, then start developing motor skills as they pick it up. It's brilliant as they begin to crawl, easy to grab when slightly deflated, or blow it up so they can chase it round the floor

20-36 Months: Great for ball games and developing kicking skills - really light for younger kids and it won't damage anything as they get older and can kick harder

3 Years +: Develop throwing and catching skills and start playing games including football and basketball in complete safety

The story of BubaBloon

After reading the statistics on the number of children injured and sadly killed by choking on balloons every year, we decided there had to be a solution which took care of all the safety issues and made balloons even more fun for our little ones.

The result was the BubaBloon - a cotton balloon cover robust enough to handle anything kids can do, and most importantly, encapsulating balloons to prevent any access and making the toy as safe as possible.