Bullseye - The Human Target Game

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Introducing: Bullseye - The Human Target Game

With notable features - Suitable for both children +5 & adults alike. Buy multiple sets for team building and party games. and 2x target vests with Velcro patches with scores - hole for head and waste ties., the Bullseye is produced by Classic Leisure Products. The Bullseye - The Human Target Game is now available to our customers to buy on-line at this low price.

Get this Bullseye from Classic Leisure Products right now to benefit from prompt, reliable delivery direct to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

Bullseye is the human target game. The game comes with 2 vests, 2 caps and 6 balls. It can be played as a solo game, 2 player or team games. The vests and caps have Velcro strips on which allows the 6 throwing balls to stick to them and to score points. The box suggests 6 different games which can be played, but plenty of other games could be adapted or created using this any age fun game. Suitable for ages from 5+. Contents: 2x target vests, 2x target caps, 6x balls.