Childrens Heavy Duty Green Wavy Slide 23m For 12m Climbing Frame Or Tree House Platform By Kbt

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Introducing: Childrens Heavy Duty Green Wavy Slide 23m For 12m Climbing Frame Or Tree House Platform By Kbt

Featuring : Easy to assemble, sits on flat wooden platform from a height of 1.2m and Ideal for 'Home Build' DIY climbing frame. Dimensions: 2.4m x 0.5m. Weight 7kg, the 416.012.002.001 is made by KBT. The Childrens Heavy Duty Green Wavy Slide 23m For 12m Climbing Frame Or Tree House Platform By Kbt is now available to our visitors to order at the paddling pool store at this low price.

Select this 416.012.002.001 from KBT today and get prompt, reliable delivery directly to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

Our popular green wavy slide is suitable for climbing frame or tree house platforms 1.2m in height. The heavy duty plastic is UV stable, ensuring your garden slide will continue to look fantastic all year around. The slide is manufactured from one single piece of HDPE heavy duty plastic, ensuring smooth edges and sides, which means there is a greatly reduced chance of catching clothes or children scratching themselves on the way down. There is a fun wave in the middle for an extra boost of speed, which your kids will simply love. The bottom of the slide is also raised slightly from the ground to ensure a safe landing every time. The slide measures 475mm wide by 1830 mm long from end to including the fixing plate which has two pre drilled holes for fixing the slide to the platform of your frame. The slide needs to be attached to a platform height of around 1.2 metres. The 2.4 metre slide is designed to be used in a domestic setting and is both safe and secure. Our slides have all been tested to exceed all current toy safety regulations. There are so many great ways to enjoy our wavy green slides. You could attach them to a climbing frame with a platform height of 1.2m, or to your DIY design built at home. You could even position the slide from a tree house as a safe and fun route back to earth. Why not add a ball pool or even a splash of water during the summer months to convert it into a super slippery water slide for the garden? If you have the space and children of a competitive nature, two slides carefully positioned side by side will be perfect for exciting races together. You could even use the slide on the side of a grassy hill if the incline is suitable, it's really up to you how you choose to install and enjoy this wonderful wavy slide. Please note that this item is a slide body only and stairs are not included or necessary. The slide is specially designed for use without legs as part of a climbing frame structure or for use in a children's tree house