Cobb Premier Bbq

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Introducing: Cobb Premier Bbq

Featuring : The Cobb BBQ/Charcoal Oven - As featured on BBC2's "The Hairy Bikers Cookbook" and 330mm diameter x 330mm high (dome on), 330mm diameter x 260mm high (dome inverted for stowing), the COBB1 is available now from Cobb. The Cobb Premier Bbq is now available to you to buy at the paddling pool store at our competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

The unique & versatile Cobb cooking system is truly in a class of its own. Unlike typical grills the Cobb can roast, bake, fry, grill & smoke food to perfection. Cook anything, anywhere, anytimeHow the Cobb Works

DomeStainless steel.
Hot to the touch when cooking.

A non-stick cooking surface for roasting, barbecuing, baking and smoking.
A lifting fork is provided for handling the grill when hot.
Drains fat and oil into the moat.
No mess, no smoke.
Fire Basket & Pot Stand
Stainless steel.
Holds the fuel Heat beads/Briquettes or a single Cobblestone.

Pops out of base for easy cleaning.
Fire chamber holds fire basket.
Fire-lighters are placed in the fire chamber to ignite the heat beads (not required when using a Cobblestone).
The moat can be used for cooking vegetables or for 250ml of wine, beer etc. to infuse flavour and keep food moist while cooking.

Premier base is manufactured from high grade stainless steel mesh designed to keep the heat in and cold out. Always cool to touch enables cooking on any surface. Has rubber feet so wont slide

Lighting the Cobb Cobb
with heat beads in the fire basket and fire starters (not required for Cobblestone) underneath in the fire chamber. Light up time is 15-25 minutes (4 minutes for Cobblestone). Always light outdoors in a safe area. Depending on the fuel used the Cobb will provide cooking heat for up to 3 hours.

Weights & Dimensions
330mm diameter x 330mm high (dome on)
330mm diameter x 260mm high (dome inverted for stowing)
Weight 3.8 Kilograms (8.5 lbs)