Dutch Oven Do45 Cast Iron Pre-seasoned Outdoor Cooking Pot 45 Qt

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Introducing: Dutch Oven Do45 Cast Iron Pre-seasoned Outdoor Cooking Pot 45 Qt

Featuring : capacity: approx. 4.3 litre and weight: approx. 5,7 kg, this item is produced by BBQ-Toro. The Dutch Oven Do45 Cast Iron Pre-seasoned Outdoor Cooking Pot 45 Qt is now on offer to our customers to buy on this site at our low price.

Buy this fine product from BBQ-Toro in minutes to benefit from quick, reliable shipping direct to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

BBQ-TORO 4,5 QT Dutch Oven Pot - Cast iron cooking pot
this 4,5 QT Dutch Oven pot is made of cast iron and comes with a lid and a convenient lid opener.

The three legs provide a good stability - a separate pot stand is not needed.
The lid offers enough space for your coals because of his raised edge. The 26 cm long lid lifter allows an easy and safe lifting of the hot lid.

Amaze yourself! With this dutch oven you will turn your meal into an unforgettable tender meat with an outstanding aroma.

- capacity: approx. 4,2 Liter
- inner diameter: approx. 25 cm
- inside hight: approx. 9,5 cm
- outer height (without lid): approx. 14 cm
- mass: approx. 5,7 kg
- material pot and lid: cast iron
- material lid lifter: steel, lacquered
- brand product by BQ-Toro
the dutch oven is already branded and can be used immediately. If a re-branding is necessary: clean the pot and the lid with hot water. Then rub it with a tasteless vegetable fat or oil.(e.g. coconut oil). Set the Dutch Oven head first one hour at 200 °C in the oven (or better outside in a hot kettle grill-then watch the temperature). Rub off any remaining fat. Finished. Please repeat this treatment regularly so that the pores can fill (patina) and the pot is optimally protected against rust.

What is the dutch oven?

A heavy, traditional, cast iron cooking pot with an exact fitting lid. You can cook, boil, roast, bake and stew with this pot. Whether a firepit or a campfire it fits almost every BBQ.

The principle
Because oft he material, the dutch oven regulates uneven heat and allows an even cooking. Just put fired coal on the lid and under the pot and you can start the Dutch Oven experience.
The extra high lid offers enough space for your coal and the three legs provide a good stability.