Esecure 5 X Flying Sky Chinese Lantern Khoom Fay Ufo Balloon

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Introducing: Esecure 5 X Flying Sky Chinese Lantern Khoom Fay Ufo Balloon

Featuring : Solid wax fuel cell and Colour: White, this item is available now from eSecure. The Esecure 5 X Flying Sky Chinese Lantern Khoom Fay Ufo Balloon is offered to customers to purchase at the paddling pool store at our great price.

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Manufacturer Description

The lanterns are great to be released on their own or in a large number during all kinds of celebrations and events. These include: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Halloween, Bonfire Night and all other kinds of special events. You can even choose to personalise the Sky Lanterns with the names of loved ones or messages. It is believed by some that wishes written on lanterns would reach heaven meaning the wish would come true. The lanterns are made from Bio-Degradable materials to ensure they will not cause harm to the environment wherever they eventually land. When the Wax Fuel Cell is lit the air inside the sky lantern will heat and the lantern will rise up high into the sky where it can reach altitudes of up to 1 kilometre before extinguishing and floating gently back down to earth like a parachute. How to Use: If desired you can choose to write on the lantern first with marker pens. Remove lantern from cellophane wrapper and unfold carefully to avoid tears. Place the solid fuel cell on the bottom of the lamp, and fix in place using the fixed iron wire as instructed (see instructions, included). Hold the top of the sky lantern in an upright position with the paper fully extended. Keep the lantern at arms length and get a helper to light the fuel cell. When there is enough heated air, the lamp will rise up to the sky. General Safety Advice: Only to be used in open spaces and not near buildings, overhead cables and trees. Also not to be used where highly populated. Do not use near anything that may catch fire, such as dry crops, woodlands, gas stations, oil reserves, warehouses, Transmission electricity towers, wire poles etc... Do not release a lantern within a five mile radius of an airport. Do not fly in windy, rainy or foggy conditions. Minimum of 2 people required to light lantern safely. Not suitable for children under 16. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times near sky lanterns. Keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water to hand.