Fitness-mad Studio Pro Rebounder - 40 Inch

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Introducing: Fitness-mad Studio Pro Rebounder - 40 Inch

Featuring : 21 coil, 32mm dia barrel springs vs standard 16 coil, 18mm straight springs and The springs attach to the frame using a riveted barrel pin, the FTRAMP40 is made by Fitness-Mad. Fitness-mad Studio Pro Rebounder - 40 Inch is available to you to buy online at this great price.

Buy this FTRAMP40 from Fitness-Mad today and receive quick, efficient delivery directly to your door.

Manufacturer Description

The Fitness Mad Studio Pro 40in rebounder trampoline can be used by most fitness enthusiasts as it allows for zero impact aerobic exercise. The use of the trampoline does not require any special instructions. It can be a great tool both for jogging, bouncing and dancing. The trampoline offers almost silent performance and is perfect for those, who want to build strength, stamina, and boost all round fitness. It also helps increase the capacity of your heart and lungs and used regularly can improve your co-ordination as well as effectively tone the muscles around your legs, thighs, abdomen, hips and arms. It has a durable heavy gauge powder coated steel frame that weighs 10kg (22lbs): 30-40% more than most budget rebounders. 6 foldable legs allow for convenient storage of the trampoline.