Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball - Clear - 100 Mm

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Introducing: Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball - Clear - 100 Mm

Manufactured by Flames 'N Games, the reliable company, this item is now great value for money. Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball - Clear - 100 Mm is now available to our customers to order at the paddling pool shop at this excellent price.

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Manufacturer Description

These XL contact balls are probably the best size for single ball manipulation and body rolling. They are most popular with stage performers due to their excellent stage visibility! All the acrylic contact balls we stock are crystal clear, perfectly round and beautifully crafted! These crystal clear acrylic contact juggling balls are injection moulded to the highest standard and then cooled over a long period of time to ensure the material does not go cloudy or crack. Acrylic juggling balls are hard to break, but beware of rough surfaces as they can easily get scratched. The 100mm clear acrylic contact ball looks like a pure crystal ball and its size is perfect for stage performances. These balls are suitable for single ball contact juggling but are most popular for multiple ball juggling! Note: The smaller the contact ball, the smaller the contact surface area therefore the harder to control. But this fact is then reversed because when using multiple balls it's much easier to control smaller ones. Always make sure to store these balls away from the sun because they can act as magnifying glasses and easily start up fires! Contact Ball Specs: Diameter: 100mm, Weight: 630g