Garden Slide Universal Extension Sheet

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Introducing: Garden Slide Universal Extension Sheet

Featuring : Made from translucent 1mm thick HDPE (helps Grass to survive for longer) and has a very low coefficient of friction for super fast Sliding and Comes with a Silicone impregnated duster for polishing your Slide and extension for improved Sliding speed, this item is made by Myslide. Garden Slide Universal Extension Sheet is available to you to purchase at at this low price.

Select this fine item by Myslide right away and receive fast, dependable delivery straight to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

This universal Slide extension is suitable for lawn use and a has a tab and slot set at one end. The sheet is around 400-450mm wide (fits comfortably below most garden Slides) X 2.0 metres long and can be used wet or dry. As the High density polyethylene is translucent, your lawn will survive for longer without needing to move the Slide, also, due to an extremely low coefficient of friction the extension should help maximise the fun to be gained from your existing Garden Slide, especially if you polish up your Garden Slide with our silicone impregnated duster Our garden Slide extension is suitable for use on its own on grass or as a Garden Slide extension, fitting beneath most types of Garden Slide. **However, if you buy our extension with polishing duster you may find that your Slide is so fast now that you will need another extension beneath this extension to allow your children time to slow down before reaching the grass :). This extension may also be decorated for additional fun, this should be done on the underside with Permanent marker pen, removable with Methylated spirit (not supplied) available in DIY stores. Please check out our other unusual UK designed and made products at our Amazon store Myslide UK1 and Screwball Creations (Handmade at Amazon)