Gelli Baff - Princess Pink

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Introducing: Gelli Baff - Princess Pink

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Manufacturer Description

The Gelli Baff - Jelly Bath turns boring bath time into brilliant fun time! Do your grubby little lovelies have a collective hatred of the fearful big white tub? Or maybe it's hard to get your little water babies out of the bath at bedtime?However you look at it, Gelli Baff - Jelly Bath is going to be THE most ridiculously exciting product you've ever had lying around in your bathroom! Imagine you were seven again and were just introduced to Gelli Baff - Jelly Bath - the innovative crazy new sand-like powder that's entirely safe and turns ordinary old bath water into alien like goo! Simply pour into a warm bath, have a swish around then watch as your kids delight and play in wickedly gloopy rainbow-bright jelly-like goo that is Gelli Baff! A dream product for kids, the Gelli Baff - Jelly Bath will get your little monsters clean as well as being an absolute scream! Splish it, splash it, splodge it - Gelli Baff - Jelly Bath is set to be the most awesome craze around!When you were little, did you used to be insanely jealous of all the lucky kids that got to be drenched in brightly coloured goo on Fun House and Get Your Own Back? Us too. Well now you can treat your own kids (or yourself!) to the next best thing to actually being on Fun House and getting to talk to Pat Sharp!