Gourmet Grill Topper

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Introducing: Gourmet Grill Topper

Featuring : Stop food falling through grate and Cooks seafood and delicate food perfectly, this item is made by BBQ Master. The Gourmet Grill Topper is now ready to shoppers to buy at the paddling pool store at this low price.

Get this great item by BBQ Master right now and receive fast, dependable delivery directly to your home.

Manufacturer Description

Crispy chips and stonebaked style pizza on your barbecue! Just a couple of reasons to buy one of these! The Gourmet Grill Topper also makes light work out of preparing grilled fish, seafood, vegetables or any other large or small meats. Why? The Gourmet Grill Topper is coated with a thick non-stick porcelain surface which keeps the meat from sticking to the grill and stops you food from falling onto the charcoals below! Simply place the Non-Stick Grill Topper on top of your regular grate and you're ready to go! The raised edge on the back side keeps the food in place and the raised side edges make it easy to handle. The Gourmet Grill Topper is just what you need for great meals.