Hacky Sack - Striker

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Introducing: Hacky Sack - Striker

Featuring : Famous Wham-o quality and Original Hacky Sack, this item is made by Thumbs Up. Hacky Sack - Striker is now on offer to our visitors to order on-line at our low price.

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Manufacturer Description

Football is dead. Long live Hacky Sack. And, with Hacky Sack with you in the park, you can make a rather big noise about your keepy uppy skills. The Hacky Sack is the natural heir and successor to the small, training football for a whole number of reasons. It's easier to control than a football which has the rather annoying habit of, well, rolling away from one. Hand-stitched and made from top-quality materials for maximum performance, the Striker is styled like a classic British chequered soccer ball in an attractive update of the original style. And finally, it's significantly better because you can legitimately use your hands or quite frankly any part of your anatomy to hit it, whack it, kick it, slice it and thump it... just so long as it stays in the air. Brilliant for solo play or with a partner, the Hacky Sack can even be played with any number of people. Full instructions are included with the Striker Hacky Sack which show different styles of kicking and offers special tips, as well as suggestions for team games.It's keepy-uppy transplanted into a new century, with no limit on the number of tricks, spins and stunts you can perform. Since the original Hacky Sack craze started, several different ways of playing with a Hacky Sack have evolved, and details of all of these are included too. 'Footbag Freestyle' challenges players to do tricks with their Hacky Sack and Footbag Net is a variation on the game of Volleyball, played with a Hacky Sack and using feet only. What joy. We have seen the future of football. And it's making its voice heard in no uncertain terms.