INTEX Electric Pool Heater (220-240V)

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Introducing: INTEX Electric Pool Heater (220-240V)

Made by Intex, the popular company, this product is now amazing value for money. INTEX Electric Pool Heater (220-240V) is offered to you to purchase on-line at this competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

What can I expect from my heater? The maximum achievable temperature will depend on your pool size, the air temperature and how well the pool is insulated by the use of ground and solar covers. Typically, for a well insulated 10ft inflatable pool of 3500litres, you can anticipate a 5-6degC rise in temperature above ambient after a 12hour period. Don't forget that the pool will cool at night when the air temperature drops. The heater will be less effective with larger pools which will take longer to heat. The achievable top temperature may also be slightly lower.