Jml Funslinger Whissile - 3 Pack

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Introducing: Jml Funslinger Whissile - 3 Pack

Featuring : Adds an extra dimension to FunSLINGER games and Play team or multiple Whissile games, this item is produced by JML. Jml Funslinger Whissile - 3 Pack is now ready to you to purchase on this site at our great price.

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Manufacturer Description

FunSLINGER is the throw and catch game that allows you to throw the specially designed soft foam covered Whissile over monstrously long distances, much further than you could achieve by just throwing a ball by hand. And with these three additional Whissiles in your collection, you can increase your playing options by as much as FunSLINGER increases your throwing distance! 

Now you can play team games, practice throwing, set up a target and improve your aim, why not even create a scoring system and play long distance FunSLINGER darts? The ways you can play and enjoy your FunSLINGER with these three extra Whissiles will grow the moment you get them home and head out to the park, beach or playing field to start slinging some FUN! 

Anyone from aged 8 up to fully-grown adults can have hours of outdoor fun with FunSLINGER. Any park, field or wide open area can become the perfect arena for a great game of throw and catch. Playing is so simple and easy, there are no rules to learn so why not make your own? You can even get several sets and have team games at kids’ parties and Summer picnics at the park.

Pack contains: 3 x Whissile

Extras: FunSLINGER racquet not included.