Kestrel Glider Balsa Model Aircraft Kit 1000mm Wingspan Age 12

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Introducing: Kestrel Glider Balsa Model Aircraft Kit 1000mm Wingspan Age 12

Featuring : 1000MM (39") WINGSPAN and ALL PARTS PRE-CUT, the WW16 is made to a high standard by PRO-SCALE LTD. The Kestrel Glider Balsa Model Aircraft Kit 1000mm Wingspan Age 12 is now ready to our customers to order online at our great price.

Purchase this WW16 from PRO-SCALE LTD in minutes and receive fast, reliable delivery directly to your home.

Manufacturer Description

SIMPLE T-TAILED GLIDER EASY TO BUILD FREE FLIGHT MODEL NON SCALE BALSA KIT WW16 all parts pre-cut HAND OR BUNGEE LAUNCH WINGSPAN 1000 mm (39") Suitable for 12 years and upwards The Kestrel is intended as a logical step up from the popular Merlin but that little bigger and more 'scale' in appearance. She is built from a combination of CNC and Die-Cut components that have been designed to make construction as simple and quick as possible. Many builders of this model will have very little or no experience so the construction has taken this very much into account. The characteristic T-Tail and cockpit area have been styled on many of the full-size, glass fibre gliders you see in the skies today. Just because this is a simple model, she had to have real appeal as well. The wing section chosen is the more unusual RSG 29, which has excellent low drag combined with the high-lift flat bottom design so often favoured by model gliders. That flat bottom section helps a lot with the building but can be quite 'draggy' if using a more normal 'Clark-Y'. The fuselage and tail build up from sheet components and are a real joy to assemble. What's more, you end up with a finished fuselage in double-quick time! Try the 'Kestrel', we know you're going to enjoy her! To complete the model, tissue, adhesive (balsa cement) and paint will be needed to be purchased separately. To cover the model tissue paste, cellulose dope, a dope brush and thinners will be needed.