Magic Float Fly Led Hover Ball Air Red

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Introducing: Magic Float Fly Led Hover Ball Air Red

Featuring : Control with just the palm of your hand or leave to fly by itself and Mesmerising LED display when flown in the dark, this item is made to a high standard by RDM Creations. Magic Float Fly Led Hover Ball Air Red is now offered to shoppers to purchase online at this low price.

Get this fine product from RDM Creations right away and get fast, reliable shipping straight to your door.

Manufacturer Description

This LED Hover Ball magically floats and flies just by moving your hand!

Hovering over any surface, the LED Hover Ball Air has to be seen to be believed.

Easy to use, simply press the button on the mini remote to start the blades of the hover ball, this will lift the hover ball so it hovers in the air above the ground. Once in flight this clever LED Hover Ball can be left to fly by itself or you can control its flight path with the palm of your hand. To land the hover ball simply pretty the button on the mini remote again.

Fly this LED Hover Ball at night for an eerie effect.


This gift is battery operated via USB Cable A red light will appear when the Hover Ball is charging and will turn off once fully charged. Suitable for ages 8+ Requires USB charger or PC for the rechargeable helicopter battery (not supplied)

Please make sure your flight area is free of any people, pets or other obstacles.


1 x LED Hover Ball