Marsh Classic Bow And Mallow

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Introducing: Marsh Classic Bow And Mallow

Featuring : Rapid Fire Action and Launches Mini Marshmallows 30 Feet, the 1140 is available now from Marsh Mallow Fun. The Marsh Classic Bow And Mallow is offered to our customers to buy at at our great price.

Select this 1140 from Marsh Mallow Fun right away and get prompt, reliable delivery straight to your door.

Manufacturer Description

Launch a tasty assault on your friends with this Classic Bow and Mallow set that shoots mini-marshmallows. Any toy that can weaponize a marshmallow is a must-have, your daughter or son will love it. The Marshmallow Bow and Mallow is just like a traditional bow and arrow set except it doesn't have the whole shooting-your-eye-out and permanently-bruising-your-hand-from-string-whiplash parts. Blast marshmallows using this toy guy which is safe, easy for everyone to use, indoors or outdoors. Imagine blasting marshmallows 30 feet at each other, the bow holds up to 25 marshmallows, great fun! The Marshmallow Bow and Mallow can shoot up to 30 feet and can hold 25 mini marshmallows in its magazine. For ages 6+. - 34" x 14" (fully assembled)