Mayan Pyramid Sample

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Introducing: Mayan Pyramid Sample

With notable features - Quiz them about these fantastic ancient structures as they have fun recreating them and Just like any other Sandcastle Mold - Fill, Flip, Press and Tap, and presto! Instant Wonder!, this item is available now from Hape. Mayan Pyramid Sample is offered to shoppers to buy on this site at this low price.

Order this great item by Hape today to get prompt, dependable delivery straight to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

An amazing little Sand-Mold of the Famous Mayan Pyramids - The massive Ziggurat-like Pyramids constructed by the Mayan Civilization of what is now known as Mexico and South America, to pay homage to their

Let your child recreate history on the beach/sand pit, and learn all about The Ancient Mayans