Nerf Recon Cs-6

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Introducing: Nerf Recon Cs-6

Available now from Hasbro, the long established manufacturer, this item is now good value for money. Nerf Recon Cs-6 is now offered to our visitors to purchase on-line at this competitive price.

Get this item by Hasbro today and receive quick, efficient delivery direct to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

Have you got the nerf? Cue unanimous groan. Well actually, to use this particular gizmo, you're going to need a lot of nerf. Forget ditzy water pistols and pocket dart guns. This beauty will have you exacting your rule over the neighbourhood in no time. But as they say, it's not the size, it's how you use it. And this particular package is more than just big. With this baby you can build your own blaster with five interchangeable parts that you can take apart and reassemble any way you want. Snap the parts in any configuration onto the 'tactical rail' (oh yes), and gain the upper hand in any situation that calls for some serious action. Other features include a flip-up sight for aiming precision and a dual-mode light beam with red-dot accuracy that's perfect for night missions. Use the shoulder stock to steady your shot and store an extra clip of ammo (sold separately). Not for the faint-hearted, with the Recon CS-6 one will most certainly be breaking out the big guns.