Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike Water Gun

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Introducing: Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike Water Gun

With notable features - Lets you fire a spinning water stream to drench your targets up to 20 feet away! and Comes with spinning barrel, detachable stock, tactical rails and a water clip!, the 28497 is made to a high standard by Hasbro. Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike Water Gun is offered to you to buy on this site at our competitive price.

Order this 28497 from Hasbro right now and get quick, dependable shipping straight to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

Featuring the new interchangeable water clip system this pump to fire blaster uses a spinning barrel to blast a twisting helix water stream Also sports a tactical rail that s compatible with all other Super Soaker rail attachments Serious Soaking Action Shoots over 6 meters Fires a spinning cyclone of water for maximum soakage Compatible with most other Super Soaker accessories Suitable for 6yrs Add the detachable stock so you can adjust your blaster to your reach