Paddling Pool Buyer's Guide

While it is nice to go to the nearest beach or swimming pool for a couple of hours, you could save plenty of time and money by bringing the lake or the swimming pool to you. Paddling pools allow you to do precisely that, thereby enabling you to take a refreshing dip in the garden instead of miles away from home. Just make sure that you know what to look for in a paddling pool before you buy one, as otherwise you might well end up regretting your purchase. Most importantly you need consider the shape and size of it, but you might also want to take into account the various accessories that come with the pool.

The shape and size of the pool is important for two reasons. First of all it needs to be suitable to the people that are going to use it. A baby or children’s pool is preferable if you expect to have toddlers or younger children splashing around in it, whereas you need a larger-sized pool that allow for greater water-depth if you expect one or more adults to soak in it. Secondly you need to consider the area in which you intend to put the paddling pool.  Naturally you are constrained to the shape and size of this area, for which you ought to be aware of what will fit in there before you start looking for a pool.

Accessories are a secondary concern that you can skip entirely if you would rather just buy the pool itself. However there are a number of items you might want to keep an eye out for, such as ladders, ground sheets, pool covers and cleaning products. If you plan on putting the paddling pool on your lawn, a ground sheet will protect the lawn from getting damaged, whereas a pool cover is a good way of preventing children or animals from getting into the pool when they shouldn’t. It will also keep out dirt and debris from your paddling pool. From a safety perspective, it is a good idea to look for a pool that is equipped with a ladder for getting in and out of it. Finally consider whether or not you intend to leave the pool up for long periods of time. If so, it is bound to get dirty from regular use, for which you might want to consider getting some chemical pool cleaner with your purchase.