Pericross Princess Playhouse Pink Play Tents For Girls Pink Tent White Lights

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Introducing: Pericross Princess Playhouse Pink Play Tents For Girls Pink Tent White Lights

Featuring : Total length is about 7 Meters. and Battery Operated. Requires 3 x AA Batteries (not supplied)., this item is available now from Pericross. Pericross Princess Playhouse Pink Play Tents For Girls Pink Tent White Lights is ready to shoppers to buy from the paddling pools shop at our low price.

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Manufacturer Description

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Product description:
It is made of a mesh and nylon material. You will find it very easy to wash after kids spilled coke or chocolate milk inside. You can simply hand wash it in the bathe tub with a little dawn dish soap and warm water.
Little princesses can invite their friends and curl up with pillows and blankets and watch movies in it, and once the weather is nice enough they can take it outside and have tea parties or play with their barbies in it. Also perfect for slumber party for their birthday.

Product Dimension: 19*13.2*4.1 inches

Weight:4.2 pounds
Recommended age: 12 months plus, under adult supervision
Package contains:
Tent *1
A string of LED lights
carrying bag*1
Poll A*6, 86.5cm
Poll B*12, 68cm
Poll C*12, 40.5cm
Six-way Connector D*1
Four-way Connector E*6
Three-way Connector F*6
G Connector*6

Installation Instruction:
1. You will want to take 6 polls B and run it through the pouches on the floor of the tent.
2. Take and connect poll b to connector F on the inside of the tent with the bottom being flat to the floor.
3. Connect polls A into connectors F.
4. Connect connectors E to the top of polls A with the different piece sticking up and inward.
5. Take the remaining 6 poll Bs and run them through connecting vertical to the floor and connect them in to connectors E.
6. Then you will attach 6 poll Cs into the top side of connector Es.
7. On the top side of the polls Cs you will attach a connector G.
8. Attach another poll C to the other side of connector Gs.
9. The very last step is to connect the poll Cs that you just attached into connector D and tie it into place with the two strings dangling from the top.

  • Warm lighting. This wonderful warm white string light consists of 50 little pentacles.
  • Total length is about 7 Meters.
  • Battery Operated. Requires 3 x AA Batteries (not supplied).
  • Two light modes in one light strip you can choose: steady on and flashing regularly, creating a warm and charming lighting atmosphere at night.
  • There are all together 19 connectors for the tent, PLEASE CONTACT US if you find any missing parts.