Swimming and Paddling Pool Safety

We want you to enjoy your swimming or paddling pool all summer long, this information will help you avoid accidents which can occur with paddling pools, swimming pools, and other water features at home.

The number of people who drown in swimming or paddling pools at home in the UK is thankfully very small, in fact only an average of 2 per year. But the risk is always present and there are several things which you can do to minimise that risk.

Several groups are most at risk, Young children left unsupervised (even for a minute), older children using pools without permission when there are no adults present to help in the event of an incident, and adults under the influence of drink or drugs.

  • • Large pools should be fenced off where possible, with child-proof gates in place.

  • • Pool covers are available for many paddling pools, and you can buy them on this site. They can act as a valuable safety feature by preventing small children from falling into the pool.

  • • Make sure your neighbours are aware that you have a pool in the garden, even if only temporarily.

  • • Take your children for swimming lessons as early as possible and educate them about the dangers of paddling and swimming pools.

  • • If you have a large pool party, nominate a non-drinker to act as ‘lifeguard’ and be vigilant throughout the event.

  • • Learn basic first aid so you know what to do if the worst should happen.