Proflying Cicada Swallow Tail - Hand Made Paper Kite

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Introducing: Proflying Cicada Swallow Tail - Hand Made Paper Kite

With notable features - Easy to fly and Safe for all ages, this item is made by Proflying. Proflying Cicada Swallow Tail - Hand Made Paper Kite is now offered to shoppers to buy online at our competitive price.

Choose this fine product by Proflying right now to get fast, efficient delivery direct to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

More than ten indigenous tribes inhabit the coastal plains and highlands of beautiful island of Taiwan. Injecting their arts and legacies into the Han Chinese traditions to form the modern Taiwanese culture. Kite artist Buteo Huang is one of the "sons of Formosa" nurtured by this diversified, exuberant culture. He has been playing with kites and perfecting the craft of making them for 30 years. Huang has obtained a number of patents for his innovative designs, won several international prizes, and held many exhibits in prestigious museums at home and abroad. This series of kites was inspired by Huang's interest in transforming the illustrative images of Taiwan into easily manipulated kites for people of all ages. With thin string in hand, the players can have their dreams also take flight! 7in x 7in size