Rockets Toys Blow Football

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Introducing: Rockets Toys Blow Football

Available to order now from Rockets Toys, a reliable manufacturer, this product is currently very good value for money. Rockets Toys Blow Football is now ready to everyone to buy on-line at our low price.

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Manufacturer Description

Now we're not sure if it's the influence of our 'don't get up just chill' Cushtie pillows or the effects of age finally settling in, but we at gadgetshop HQ are not as sporty as we used to be. Our weekly football game has been shunned by teams claiming they 'like SO can't be bothered' with a hair flick. So imagine our joy to discover this little kit that allows us to enjoy the nation's favourite game with minimal effort, from the cosy comfort of our own office. You'll need more puff than Thierry Henry, more skill than Robert Pires, and you will have more fun than you could imagine! Score to win in this popular football game, where the action is fast and furious. Just blow the ball and go for goal using your skill to beat the goal keepers. No matter what your level of skill is on the pitch, on the desktop it's a level playing field. Quite literally. Once set-up, battle can duly commence. It's you against Darren. Leeds United against Derby County. Billy Bremner against Charlie George. A kinder, gentler footballing time, when the nation liked nothing more than a 90-minute goalmouth scramble, a pie and a pint at half time and bus ride home, all with change from 75 new pence. Happy days.