Science Museum Solar Airship

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Introducing: Science Museum Solar Airship

With notable features - Made from heat attracting 'Absorba' plastic this giant solar airship needs only a small amount of sunlight to cause the air inside to expand and thus lift the airship into the sky and Complete with tether to fly like a kite, but at 8 metres long it's the Daddy of all kites!, this item is made by TKC. The Science Museum Solar Airship is now offered to you to purchase on-line at our competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

Please Note: Unfortunately we are no longer stocking this product, please do not click the 'E-mail me when back in stock' option. For great alternatives, check out the products below! The kite is dead. Long live the Solar Airship, heir apparent to the kite's 30 centuries of dominance of the skies. The Solar Airship might look like an eight metre bin liner, but it's wise not to be fooled. To unleash its might, just fill it with common-or-garden air, and it will amply demonstrate the power of solar energy. This Airship is different from anything invented by the Montgolfier Brothers or Count von Zeppelin... and simply uses nature's most abundant gases and the power of the sun to inflate its sausage-like shape - no pumps or puff are required. All you need is a reasonably calm and sunny day. When exposed to the sun's radiation, the gases in the airship become excited, increasing in temperature and pressure... and lifting the mighty tube majestically into the air. Now here's the really clever bit. A little like a worm cut in two by an inquisitive schoolboy, you can separate the eight metre length of the airship's black high-density film into two 4 metre sections... and get two mini flying machines for the price of one. Then it's up, up and away... though, to avoid interference with low-flying aircraft we heartily recommend that you keep this amazing contraption securely tethered.