Screaming Flying Monkey Slingshot Game

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Introducing: Screaming Flying Monkey Slingshot Game

Produced to a high standard by The Discovery Store, a reliable manufacturer, this item is now excellent value for money. The Screaming Flying Monkey Slingshot Game is now available to our visitors to purchase from the paddling pools store at this low price.

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Manufacturer Description

Watch out! The Flying Monkey's about and he takes no prisoners! This energy-charged maniac of a Monkey will leap from tree to tree with effortless grace and with his smile never fading! Fire him from your bedroom window, hear him screech and watch him soar down into your garden. Beware the neighbour's cat though, as it may not take kindly to this amazing creature invading its territory and waking it from its slumber. "Who is this masked marauder?" the cat will cry! Simple to operate, like a catapult you just place your fingers in the finger pockets, hold its feet, pull and... release! Watch him fly for up to fifty metres with amazing grace! It's great fun for people of any age. Just beware you don't startle your granny! The Flying Monkey will liven up any day but get ready to duck, because he's a speedy little devil and he's not shy!