Solar System Model Orrery Ultimate Marble Collection Shuttle Rocket - Planets


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Introducing: Solar System Model Orrery Ultimate Marble Collection Shuttle Rocket - Planets

Featuring : The remaining 8 marbles an artistic representation of the planets, the set is semi-scaled and an attractive curiousity for astronomers and space fans. and Supplied in presentation box with magnetic close lid and photographic reference card of the planets., this item is made by West End Collectables. The Solar System Model Orrery Ultimate Marble Collection Shuttle Rocket - Planets is offered to our customers to purchase at at our competitive price.

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Manufacturer Description

Pewter space shuttle measures 35mm length and is depicted in excellent detail with booster rockets and bay doors. Pewter rocket measures 30mm length with "USA" emblazoned on each side - recreate the space race! Large Sun Marble measures 35mm diameter in vibrant yellow with red and orange currents across its face. Mercury - In reference to the metal it shares its name with, a solid sphere of carbon steel. Venus - The Green Goddess, a green lustred marble which changes colour depending on the light. Earth Globe measures 22mm diameter and; with geographic accuracy, depicts the rivers, mountain ranges and continents of the World (including Antarctica, Hawaii and the Pacific Ring of Fire). Moon Marble measures 12mm diameter and depicts lunar scar features such as craters. Mars: The Red Planet Marble measures 25mm diameter and depicts the Martian polar ice caps, volcanoes, planums and planitias. Jupiter - The Giant Planet with an irridescent finish producing a rainbow of colours. Saturn - With its prominent ring system encirling it, a textured marble of yellow and brown. Uranus - Second of the "Ice Giants" - a frosted marble with white waves. Neptune - God of the Oceans, a translucent aqua blue marble with internal spaghetti design. Pluto - A dwarf planet of rock and ice, here represented by an icicle like design. A beautifully presented set; ideal for display or to be given as a gift. WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD - Not suitable for children under 3 years.