Sp Childrens Backpack Water Gun Toys Spider-man

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Introducing: Sp Childrens Backpack Water Gun Toys Spider-man

With notable features - Take off the lid and quick-reload water and Great for kids have fun in hot summer, this item is available now from S.P.. Sp Childrens Backpack Water Gun Toys Spider-man is now offered to our visitors to purchase online at our great price.

Choose this great item by S.P. right away to get quick, dependable shipping directly to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

Super Water Gun with Backpack.
Best gift of summer for your children! Super fun!
Let the water fight begin!
This water gun is sure to soak your opponent.
Water gun fun for any age.
With water tank backpack, tank capacity is about 2.5L - 3L, can enjoy the war,
need not often add "bullets"! Far Reaching Place!
Soak your parents.
Catch your friends off guard.
Great for water fight or summer parties.
Material: Nontoxic plastic.
Extreme Range: 6-10m.
Statement: Since factory's every shipment of different batches, will be a little
different in the gun body color and other accessories color.