Sportspet High Bounce Rubber Dog Balls 3 Pack

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Introducing: Sportspet High Bounce Rubber Dog Balls 3 Pack

With notable features - Premium Rubber Dog Toys, Natural Rubber, Non Toxic, Floats, Ultra High Bounce and 3 pack includes 1 x Yellow, 1 x Blue, 1 x Green coloured High Bounce Dog balls, this item is available now from SPORTSPET. The Sportspet High Bounce Rubber Dog Balls 3 Pack is now offered to you to buy on this site at our competitive price.

Choose this great item from SPORTSPET right now and get prompt, dependable delivery straight to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

We are the total family sporting goods supplier! We've been sourcing quality sports goods for 25 years and over that time we couldn't help noticing that many of our products were being bought for pets. So we decided to go one step further and design a range specifically for dogs and cats: the SPORTSPET range. As a sports company we fully understand how important an active and healthy lifestyle is. Of course this is equally true for our pets. With a genuine focus on quality, we don't just want our products to be fun, we want them to be safe and durable. This means we pay particular attention to the materials we use. For example, our High Bounce dog balls are made from a unique blend of natural and Japanese rubbers.That's something you won't find in many well known brands. Before becoming part of our range our products are rigorously tested by our own pets and those of our friends. We carefully monitor the feedback we get, not just on the products themselves but on what improvements can be made to make them more fun. We love our products. We hope you and your pets love them too! The SPORTSPET High Bounce dog balls are our amazing flagship line - a real pets favourite! The balls have both incredible bounce and durability. Plus they float! So great for those dogs who like to have a splash! They are completely non-toxic too, which means a safe playtime, always.