Steakchamp Single-pack Medium Well

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Introducing: Steakchamp Single-pack Medium Well

Featuring : 1 Activator and Info booklet, this item is produced by SteakChamp. The Steakchamp Single-pack Medium Well is now ready to you to purchase on this site at our competitive price.

Purchase this fine product by SteakChamp today to benefit from quick, dependable delivery directly to your home.

Manufacturer Description

Why buy it

SteakChamp is the intelligent steak thermometer for cooking every beef steak to just the right point.

SIMPLE: When a fast double flashing signal appears, take the steak off the heat source and plate it. The steak is "perfect" when the double flashing signal stops.

Whether grill, pan or oven. Your desired degree of doneness (e. g. medium rare) is determined electronically and displayed optically.


Suitable also for use at high grill temperatures (for short periods up to 660°F/350°C).

Integrated temperature measurement: The core area temperature is measured along the whole metal probe, not only at one point.

The ideal resting phase after cooking is determined electronically.

High-grade stainless steel. Good for about 1,000 steaks*.

Made in Germany.

To use it

Switch on: Place SteakChamp for 1 second into the bottom slot in the red activator and remove it.

Insert SteakChamp sideways into the raw meat.

Cook your steak as desired and turn it several times.

When a fast double flashing signal appears, take the steak off the

Remove SteakChamp from steak using the activator's extraction tool.

Model options

Each SteakChamp is task built to a specific level of doneness. Choose the SteakChamp or SteakChamp combo that matches the level of doneness desired.

SteakChamp is available in two different packs.

SteakChamp Single Pack and SteakChamp Double Pack