Tepro 1126 Melrose Grill Barbecue And Cook Pot

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Introducing: Tepro 1126 Melrose Grill Barbecue And Cook Pot

Featuring : Heat-proof Painted Fire Bowl Approx. 23.62 (60 cm) inch diameter and 1 x chrome-plated grill rack height adjustable, the 1126 is produced by Tepro. Tepro 1126 Melrose Grill Barbecue And Cook Pot is now offered to shoppers to order at the paddling pool store at our low price.

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Manufacturer Description

A special barbecue experience says on the box from the tripod swivel grill 'Melrose' - Experience with it's the original feeling of food preparation.
The grill pan can be erected easily, easy to mount and easy to carry, so it is the ideal solution for fast cooking.
The grill grate it has a pull mechanism Adjustable in height and optimum heat is possible. Depending on how far away the rust of the burning embers is, it could change the temperature on the barbecue. The charcoal tray makes use of the barbecue a clean solution.
'This is a decisive advantage of the swivel BBQ Melroseâ to this is that, the barbecue over the fire. In this way, there can be designed and not easy to burn a higher taste.
Does not include the grill with a decorative Reindeer decorated cooking used as a fire bowl and you can enjoy here for a cosy atmosphere.
You can enjoy a relaxing barbecue with family and friends.
• Grill surface: approx. 57 cm diameter
• 1 x chrome-plated cooking grate, Height adjustable
• Heat resistant painted fire bowl is approximately 60 cm diameter
• 3 coated legs
• Sturdy, coated chains
• Alternative use as a fire pit.
• Alternative For A Your saucepan (not included in box contents)
• Includes poker
• Working height approx. 37 - 81 cm
• Carbon Socket Capacity Max. 3.0 kg
Further details
• External dimensions: 160 cm x 160 cm x 175 cm (W x D x H)
• Colour: Black
• Weight: 21,89 kg