The Brinkmann Smoker Double Bbq Grill Garden Gift Set

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Introducing: The Brinkmann Smoker Double Bbq Grill Garden Gift Set

Featuring : High Quality Steel and Porcelain coated steel water pan, the 810-5301-C is made by Brinkmann. The The Brinkmann Smoker Double Bbq Grill Garden Gift Set is now ready to you to purchase on-line at this great price.

Purchase this 810-5301-C from Brinkmann today to benefit from quick, efficient delivery direct to your address of choice.

Manufacturer Description

The Brinkmann Smoker BBQ Grill is the No1 best selling Smoker BBQ in America. The fantastic Brinkmann Smoker as a complete set, ideal as a gift.Our great value gift set includes:# Brinkmann Smoker.# Oak Wood Chips - 1.2 Ltr Tub.# Cherry Wood Chips - 1.2 Ltr Tub.It is very flexible and is a great and cost effective way of cooking outdoors the American way. In the USA they call this Barbecuing, which is low heat, slow cooking and smoking at the same time. Big joints of meat can be smoked on the Brinkmann Smoker - this method of Grilling or smoking makes the food tender, juicy and very tasty.The Brinkmann Smoke n Grill can also be used to grill or BBQ in the traditional way - in fact it can be used as an outdoor oven or even as a steamer. Water smoking uses water in a bowl above the charcoal with the wood chips thrown directly onto the charcoal, you then have your food above the water bowl on a grill. This method provides a slow way to cook and smoke whilst ensuring the food remains moist and tender.Constructed of Powder Coated steel for heat and rust resistance. Convenient front hinged door allows easy monitoring of water and charcoal pan. Converts in seconds to a waist high charcoal grill.