Tobar Modelling Balloon Crackers

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Introducing: Tobar Modelling Balloon Crackers

With notable features - Make balloon animals at the dinner table. and Each cracker contains a party hat, two balloons, animal card and score card., this item is made to a high standard by Tobar. Tobar Modelling Balloon Crackers is now ready to our customers to purchase at at this great price.

Select this great item from Tobar in minutes and receive prompt, dependable shipping directly to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

Are there too few balloon animal challenges at your Christmas dinners? If you're answer is "no, we have one every year" then we love you, but for everyone else help is at hand. Pull one of the six crackers in this pack to get a hat, two balloons, an animal card and score card. Look at your animal and then twist your balloons so that it hopefully looks like it does on the card, then score each other's balloon art. Includes a medal for the balloonist with the best score.