Toyrific Toys Cyber Splash Water Blaster Xt-2550

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Introducing: Toyrific Toys Cyber Splash Water Blaster Xt-2550

Featuring : Pump for high pressure blasting action and Fires five blasts of water simultaneously, this item is made by Wilton Bradley. The Toyrific Toys Cyber Splash Water Blaster Xt-2550 is now on offer to our customers to order at the paddling pool store at this competitive price.

Select this great item by Wilton Bradley in minutes and get fast, reliable delivery straight to your front door.

Manufacturer Description

"Stand back, earthling, or I'll fire my Toyrific Cyber Splash Water Blaster XT-2550 at your belly until it's as wet as a beaver's back!" Kids will have tremendous fun playing futuristic battle games with their Cyber Splash water gun. The high pressure water shooter comes in three colours with gun-metal grey features creating a space-age appearance. Loading the space gun couldn't be easier. Children simply unscrew its bottle-style water tank, fill it up with fresh tap water and screw it back on. They're then ready to have a water fight with friends or practice their aim by blasting targets, such as empty bottles or broken toys. One of the most exciting features of the water pistol is its Gatling Gun style nozzle, which blasts five jets of water simultaneously. Children can even increase the pressure inside the water soaker by using its pump action feature, increasing its firing power and delivering an even bigger soaking! Colour may vary Suitable for ages 3 years +